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Oct 4, 2017

What age do I start my Junior Golfer


I often get asked what is the best age to start my junior golfer. If you are asking about lessons, best age where the junior will have some retention on what they are learning is 6 or 7. This also depends on the attention span. Exposing a youngster being around golf and having a club in hand can happen earlier, but mostly just to learn about the golf course facility and safety. As a parent you can show them the basics of how to hold the club, stand, and let them swing. This is a great way to let them learn about golf. Let them have FUN.

Oct 4, 2017

I know your daughter, Casey, is quite the golfer, at what age did she start to play?

Oct 4, 2017

My kids Casey and Wade started when they were old enough to walk and hold a club. I taught them early on how to hold the club, and stand (put their feet in the correct place). I just let them swing and try to hit the ball. I had them on the putting green learning to make the ball go in the hole. They also earned a lot by watching other golfers.