Leah has been a member of the PGA of America since 1987 achieving quarter century membership status in 2012. She is trained in the instructional principles taught by the PGA. In order to stay current with her PGA membership she continues to attend continuing education teaching workshops and seminars. Leah has lived in Dallas since 1984 and has during that time worked as an Assistant Golf Professional at The Northwood Club and as an Assistant and Head Golf Professional at Stonebriar C.C.and is currently the owner and Director of Instruction of The Golf Institute. Leah moved to Dallas from Jacksonville, Fl., where she worked as a Golf Professional at The Sawgrass Resort. Leah graduated from Florida State University where she played on the golf team.  Leah’s background knowledge comes from a lifetime of playing, studying, and understanding the game. Leah has given more than 27,000 golf lessons to date, since becoming a golf professional and has owned and operated The Golf Institute since 1991.

Leah Berst